Real estate for sale

ID: 1340
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Sale 4 rooms apartments 153 sq.m. Kiev, Black Mountain, street Dragomirova

$ 520200
ID: 2764
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Sale 1 rooms apartments 41.4 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Predslavinskaya

$ 144900
ID: 2201
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Sale 4 rooms apartments 129.1 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Sapper Field

$ 619680
ID: 3026
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Продажа 2 rooms apartments 82.3 sq.m. Киев, Лукьяновка, street Глубочицкая

$ 110000
ID: 3087
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Продажа 4 rooms apartments 197 sq.m. Киев, Печерск, street Саперное Поле

$ 689500
ID: 2452
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Sale 5 rooms at home 200 sq.m. Kozin, street Embankment

$ 340000
ID: 2711
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Sale 2 rooms apartments 44 sq.m. Kiev, Osokorki, street Dneprovskaya emb.

$ 142000
ID: 840
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Sale retail space 922 sq.m. Kiev, Centre, street Velyka Vasylkivska

$ 3273100
ID: 2112
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Sale 2 rooms apartments 91 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Konovalets Eugene

$ 218000

Real estate for rent

ID: 2812
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Rent 2 rooms apartments 70 sq.m. Kyiv, Pechersk, street Lesya Ukrainka

$ 1150
ID: 2590
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Rent 2 rooms apartments 50 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Mikhail Boychuk

$ 1500
ID: 2529
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Rent 2 rooms apartments 67 sq.m. Kiev, Goloseevo, street Goloseevsky

$ 800
ID: 2720
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Rent apartments 94 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Moscow

₴ 62000
ID: 2066
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Rent 4 rooms apartments 110 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk, street Lesi Ukrainky

$ 1500
ID: 2642
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Rent apartments 55 sq.m. Kiev, Centre, street Baseinaya

$ 800
ID: 2990
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Аренда 3 rooms apartments 120 sq.m. Киев, Печерск, street Драгомирова

$ 1800
ID: 2129
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Rent 2 rooms apartments 57 sq.m. Kiev, Pechersk

$ 1200
ID: 2446
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Rent 2 rooms apartments 42 sq.m. Kiev, Poznyaki, street Zarechnaya

₴ 25000

New buildings in Kyiv

The Yard – Your reliable partner in real estate investing

Experience and reputation

- We have been working in the real estate market in the premium segment for over 10 years
- We offer a comprehensive approach and provide the best proposals for real estate investments


- Combined different specialists "under one roof"
- More than 20 experts who daily analyze the real estate market and are ready to offer the most profitable investment option

Quality, comfort and safety

- We take all the questions on ourselves
- We select housing based on your wishes and budget
- We sell real estate only for the benefit of you
- We value your safety and work directly with proven developers
- Loyal conditions and exclusive discounts

A wide range of services

- Sale, purchase, rent, turnkey project development - we will cope with any task
- We will help owners to profitably present housing and find clients, we will provide legal support
- We guarantee buyers a promising investment object

Our team includes more than 20 specialists who have been working with premium real estate for more than 10 years. The Yard has its own proven customer base. Today we are ready to offer them your object, as well as conduct a first review. Our experts will be there during the full cycle of the agreement and will become reliable partners at each stage

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Customer orientation is the philosophy of The Yard

Each client is a partner whom we help to manage the property properly and get additional benefits from it. We approach our task comprehensively and responsibly. The Yard works exclusively with trusted partners. With us, the process of renting or buying real estate will be fast, safe and comfortable. Additionally, our company offers the possibility of maintenance of the leased object on a turnkey basis. The Yard is a premium cement property with a designer architecture, convenient location, large area and well-developed infrastructure. Buy a home with The Yard - make a profitable investment in the future.

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